SI-9252TB3 – Thunderbolt3 Solution

New Thunderbolt3 Solution

Supports 2 x thunderbolt3 40Gbps

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Targeted Both Mac And Windows users in The Market With High efficiency

PCIe Card Compatibility

Pro Audio

Apogee Symphony 64Avid HD NativeAvid Pro Tools|HDXAudinate Dante PCIe-R SoundcardLynx AES16e
Lynx AES 16e-SRCLynx AES 16e-SRCLynx AES16e-50Focusrite RedNet PCIe CardRME HDSPe Madi
(with Multiface, Multiface II & Digiface)
Universal Audio UAD-2 PCIe DSP AcceleratorUniversal Audio UAD-2 Solo DSP Accelerator(5)Universal Audio UAD-2 Duo/Quad/Octo DSP Accelerator(5)Yamaha Dante Accelerator PCIe-R Soundcard

Video Capture/Processing

AJA Kona LHe PlusAJA Kona LHi AJA Kona 3GAJA Kona 4GBlack Magic Intensity Pro
Black Magic Decklink 4KBlack Magic Decklink QuadBlack Magic Decklink HD Extreme 3DBlack Magic Decklink StudioBlack Magic Decklink Studio2
Black Magic Intensity DuoBlack Magic Decklink SDIDeltacast Delta-3G-ELP 40Deltacast Delta-3G-ELP 20Deltacast Delta-3G-ELP-KEY 11
Deltacast Delta-3G-E-KEY 22Deltacast Delta-HD-ELP-D 80Deltacast Delta-HD-ELP-D 44Deltacast Delta-HD-ELP-D 62Deltacast Delta-3G-ELP-D 22
Deltacast Delta-3G-ELP-D 04Deltacast Delta-H4K-ELP 20Deltacast Delta-3G-DVI-E 20

PCIe Bus Extender

Accusys ExaSAN QSFP to PCIe HBA
Sonnet Express Bus Extender PCIe 2.0

Fibre Channel

Apple Dual-Channel 4Gb Fibre Channel PCIe Card(1)Apple Quad-Channel 4Gb Fibre ChannIe CardATTO Celerity FC-81ENATTO Celerity FC-82EN
ATTO Celerity FC-84ENSonnet 8Gb Single Channel Fibre Channel Host Adapter PCIe 2.0Sonnet 8Gb Dual Channel Fibre Channel Host Adapter PCIe 2.0

Ethernet Adapters (Gigabit)

Small Tree GbE PEG1, PEG1FSmall Tree GbE PEG2, PEG2FSmall Tree GbE PEG4Small Tree GbE PEG2G6ISonnet Presto Gigabit Pro PCIe

Ethernet Adapters (10 Gigabit)

ATTO Fast Frame NS11ATTO Fast Frame NT11ATTO Fast Frame NS12ATTO Fast Frame NT12
ATTO Fast Frame NS14Myricom 10G-PCIE-8B-1S+EMyricom 10G-PCIE-8B-2CMyricom 10G-PCIE-8B-2S
Myricom 10G-PCIE-8B-CMyricom 10G-PCIE-8B-SMyricom 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2CMyricom 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S
Myricom 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2SMyricom 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2S+EMyricom 10G-PCIE2-8C2-2TMyricom 10G-PCIE2-8C2-T
Small Tree 10GbE PETG2NDA,
Small Tree 10GbE PETG4NDA, PETG4SFP+Small Tree 10GbE PETG6NDA, PETG6SFP+Sonnet Presto 10GbE 1-Port
Sonnet Presto 10GbE 2-Port


CalDigit FASTA-6GU3CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 ProCalDigit 2 Port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed PCI Express CardCalDigit SuperSpeed PCI Express CardNewerTech MAXPower USB/eSATA 2x2
Host Adapter
Sonnet Allegro FW800 PCIeSonnet Tango 3.0 PCIe


Areca ARC-1202 2-port SAS Raid AdapterAreca ARC-1212x/1222x 4/8-port SAS RAID AdaptersAreca ARC-1300-4e/-4x 4-port SAS AdaptersAreca ARC-1320-8x 8-port SAS AdapterAreca ARC-1882x 8-port 6Gb SAS RAID adapter
ATTO ExpressSAS H680 AdapterATTO ExpressSAS H6F0 AdapterATTO ExpressSAS H644 AdapterATTO ExpressSAS R680 RAID Adapter(2)Firmtek Seritek/e6G 2 Port eSATA PCI

Express (PCIe) Serial ATA Adapter
CalDigit FASTA-2eCalDigit FASTA-6GU3 CalDigit FASTA-6GU3 ProHighPoint Rocket RAID SAS 2711/2722HighPoint Rocket RAID SAS 4522
HighPoint Rocket RAID SATA 644LNewerTech MAXPower eSATA 6G PCIe 2.0
2-Port Controller Card
NewerTech MAXPower eSATA 6G PCIe 2.0
4-Port Controller Card
NewerTech MAXPower eSATA 6G PCIe 2.0
2-Port Controller Card
NewerTech MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-1e1i Controller Card(3)
NewerTech MAXPower RAID mini-SAS 6G-2e Controller Card(3)Sonnet Tempo SATA 6Gb Pro 2-portSonnet Tempo SATA 6Gb Pro 4-portSonnet 6Gb/s SAS/SATA RAID Controller(2)


Sonnet Single/Dual SSD PCIe Adapter (4)


Sonnet Fusion D400Q45/R400QR5Sonnet Fusion DX800RAIDSonnet Fusion RX1600RAIDTandberg Data LTO-2, LTO-5TOLIS TGSHH4S-EXT LTO-5 HH SAS Drive
TOLIS TGSHH5S-EXT LTO-5 HH SAS DriveTOLIS TGSHH4S-LIB LTO-4 HH SAS DriveTOLIS TGSHH5S-LIB LTO-5 HH SAS DriveStorage DNA Evolution D100Storage DNA Evolution X100, X100-8, X100-24
Storage DNA Evolution X200, X200-24, X200-48Storage DNA Evolution X400-48

Product Specification

Model No.SI-9252TB3
CertificationsCE、FCC、RoHS compliance
MaterialHigh quality metal for optimized heat dissipation

  • Supports 2 x thunderbolt3 40Gbps

  • Supports 1 x PCIe Gen.3 x4 (mechanical x16, 2slot space)

  • Supports half-length PCIe add in card

  • Transfer speed up to 2700MB/s

  • 1 x 92mm Fan

  • Interfaces
  • TBT3 x2

  • DisplayPort x1

  • PCIe x16 slot
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