SSI provides professional EMS to reduce your cost on product developing process.

From prototype verification, mass production, logistic to product repairing,

SSI can provide reliable services with our professional experiences.

Our Services

Prototype Verification

SSI can shorten your product developing duration with strong product design know-how. With detailed product verification process, SSI provides you high quality products.


Mass Production

SSI provides reliable production capacity from mechanical housing, PCB SMT, assembling to packing.

Logistic/ Repair Service

The products can be ship to designated destination via SSI’s experienced logistic network, to expand your business easily.

The products can also be repaired via our repairing system to simply your warranty process.


About SSI

SSI Computer Corp. has more than 33 years experience doing OEM/ODM business.

We are professional at providing computer peripherals and storage solution.

We’ve been working closely with world’s major server host external storage device companies for years to ensure that our products have high compatibility and solid stability.